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The pandemic pointed a spotlight on broken systems. From healthcare to housing, those most impacted by these broken systems had little to no control over them or the opportunity for input into how they should work.

It became even more evident that housing and community, as currently designed, are not working for everyone equitably. Yet, the same broken development models continue to be followed.

It's time to take housing back in our own hands

We believe that housing should be in the hands of the people, not developers, banks or investors who treat it as a commodity.

What if we reclaimed our human right to housing that is affordable, accessible and sustainable?

and build communities based on stewardship

We've been led to believe that building communities requires owning land and a lot of capital, but that doesn't need to be case.

What if we built communities through partnerships and resource sharing, communities based on models of land stewardship rather than ownership?

Art by Jessica Perlstein

Let's Do This Together!

After a decade of building and teaching about tiny houses, we are now growing the tiny house movement from individual solutions for affordable housing into building resilient communities that address collective needs.

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